2015 Action On Film Festival:

'Auteur Frank D'Angelo has pulled out all of the stops with his sure to become a classic dramatic horror film, "Sicilian Vampire'. The triple threat plus one -writer, producer, director and actor has created a star studded bow to the horror genre without missing a step. In a world full of slasher, torture porn horror films, D'Angelo has taken the high road without the need for blood, gore, nudity or excessive violence to tell the story of a loving family man, falling beneath the curse of Dracula himself.

Featuring outstanding performances by Michael Pare, Daryl Hannah and Paul Sorvino; James Caan, Art Hindle and Eric Roberts are in good company with the brilliant performances by D'Angelo and his greatest co-star to date, Robert Davi.

Check your expectations for commercialism, cheap thrills, blood and sensationalism at the door. If you are looking for a film to entertain, you've found it.'

Del Weston
Creator / Producer
The AOF Festivals